Trying to find nutritious, low sugar energy snacks, for our two young daughters Summer & Ivy was almost impossible. So as the founder of No Sugar Co., I decided to create the No Sugar Co. Kids Snack Trax™ bar, which provides our children with delicious whole grain oats, protein, and zero sugar while being peanut/allergen-free and safe for schools! After hundreds of tests, we narrowed it down to two flavours that my daughters liked the best: Double Fudge Brownie for Summer and Chocolate Chip for Ivy.

Each No Sugar Kids Snack Trax™ contains:

0 Grams of Sugar
4-5 Grams of Whole Grain Oats
3 Grams of Protein
Safe for Schools
Nut-Free, Allergen-Free, Tree Nut-Free
Tastes Great!

In addition to being the first-ever no sugar kids bar, we have launched a very personal No Bullying social campaign called Be Brave. Be Yourself™. With each purchase of our Kids Snack Trax bar, there will be a Be Brave. Be Yourself™. bracelet that is designed to give your child that little reminder to be themselves. Our goal is to give in excess of 1,OOO,OOO Be Brave. Be Yourself™ bracelets per year and donate over $250,000 per year to our anti-bullying charitable partners. Each box sold provides 1% of sales and our vision behind this campaign is to make sure that everyone knows that they are not alone. This includes those that are being bullied, parents that need support with their children, youth workers, counsellors, teachers, youth coaches, caregivers, etc.

Everyone has the right to Be Brave. Be Yourself™.

Since we are all on a mission to change the world through better health and no bullying education, it is most fitting that our charitable partners share the same values that we do.

Bullying Canada logo

Kind Campaign

No Sugar Company Gives Back

This year No Sugar Company will be partnering with Kind Campaign and Bullying Canada to support anti-bullying causes. Kind Campaign is an internationally recognized non-profit organization that brings awareness and healing to the negative and lasting effects of girl-against-girl bullying through their global movement, documentary film, in-school assemblies and educational curriculums. Bullying Canada provides information on bullying and how to stop it. The organization is a full 24/7 support service — on any day of the year, at any time, youth, parents, coaches, and teachers contact Bullying Canada by phone, text, online chat, and email for help on how to make bullying stop.


  • Mentorship
  • Anti-bullying 24/7 Phone or Text Support
  • Community Engagement: School Assemblies on Kindness