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No Sugar Keto Krax Dark Chocolatey Peanut Crunch - 2 bags, 490g

Introducing No Sugar Keto Krax, the first no sugar chocolate bark to hit the market! The No Sugar Keto Krax Dark Chocolatey Peanut Crunch is a low-carb snack packed with crunchy peanuts, good-for-you fats and coated in a custom dark chocolate. Keto Krax is the best keto snack to add to your pantry! This keto-friendly snack is perfect whether you are on the ketogenic diet, or looking for no sugar alternatives. These innovative no sugar snacks from No Sugar Company will help you stay healthy and satisfied on your no sugar or keto journey! These keto snacks are the treat without the cheat!

Why say no to sugar? Reducing sugar from your diet can increase your energy and prevent associated health risks. No Sugar Keto Krax is a healthy keto snack that will satisfy your hunger and your taste buds.

2g Net carbs = 22g Carbohydrates – 8g Fibre – 12g Erythritol


Ingredients: Healthy fats blend (*RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm kernel oil, Roasted peanuts, Milk Fat, Sunflower lecithin), Erythritol, Tapioca fibre, Cocoa powder (processed with alkali), Peanut oil, Vanilla powder. *Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

Contains: Peanuts and Milk.

May contain: Tree nuts.

Nutrition Facts: Serving Size 4 pieces (40g) | Servings Per Container Approx. 6 in a 245g bag | Calories 160 | Total Fat (14g) 19% | Saturated Fat (11g) 55% | Trans Fat (0g) | Cholesterol (0mg) 0% | Sodium (2mg) 0% | Total Carbohydrates (22g) | Dietary fiber (8g) 29% | Total sugars (0g) | Added sugars (0g) | Erythritol (12g) | Protein (2g) | Vitamin D 0mcg | Calcium (10mg) 1%  | Iron (1.5mg) 8% | Potassium (250mg) 5%


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