Net Carb Calculator for Keto, No Sugar or Low-Carb Diets

Reducing carbs from your diet can have several benefits on your overall health, blood sugar level control and can aid in weight loss. In a typical ketogenic diet, the macros ratio is around 70% and any other no sugar or low carb diet will follow the same principles.

Once you start reducing carbs in your diet, you starve your body of carbohydrates which means there’s no glucose for your body to use as energy. Therefore, naturally, your body will start to burn fat stores for energy, as opposed to glucose, which is what results in quickened weight loss and other health benefits. When the fat stored in your cells is broken down to produce energy, ketones (a particular type of acid) are produced as a side effect of this process.

How to calculate net carbs from a food nutrition label 

To master the ketogenic or any low carb diet, calculating your carbohydrates accurately is key to success. Here’s an easy-to-use net carb calculator to unravel the carbs in your foods

No Sugar In Me Net Carb Calculator:

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How to use:

Using the food label, enter the total number of carbs that it shows per serving. Ensure you inserting the total per serving as opposed to the total per 100g. Then enter the total Erythritol per serving (if any) and finally the total Fibre per serving. The calculator with then formulate the number of net carbs per serving of your chosen food.

What are net carbs?

Net carbs only include carbs that the body can fully digest into glucose. It refers to the amount of carbs a food contains after subtracting the dietary fibre.

Difference between total carbs and net carbs

The main difference between total carbohydrates and net carbs is that total carbs include all the different types of carb in a food or meal, including starches, dietary fibre, and sugars. Whereas net carbs only refers to carbs that the body digests into glucose.

Two main types of carbohydrates include simple and complex carbs:

  • Simple carbs are made up of one or two sugar molecules which means the body is able to digest them easily. Food types include white bread, fruit, sweets, milk, honey, desserts, etc.
  • Complex carbscontain chains that are several molecules long which means they take longer to break down in the body and act as a more lasting source of energy. Food types include beans and legumes, whole grain pasta/bread/rice/cereals, etc.

What is Erythritol?

Erythritol is a natural substance found in some foods with 0 calories. It tastes sweet yet has no effect on glucose or insulin levels which makes it a safe sugar-free substitute, good for those on a keto diet or wanting to reduce sugar intake. However, it’s important to note, foods that contain erythritol may still contain carbohydrates, calories, and fat, so it's important to check the label and use our net carb calculator above.

All No Sugar Company low carb products are made using Erythritol as a natural sugar alternative as opposed to maltitol, which can often be found in keto, no sugar snacks, and is known to cause digestive and bloating issues. Read more about the healthy ingredients used in our keto-friendly snacks.

How many carbs should I eat per day?

If you’re following a stricter Ketogenic diet, then we’d suggest sticking to less than 20 grams of net carbs per day. If you’re taking a more moderate low carb route, stick to between 20-50 grams of net carbs per day. If you’re wanting to reduce carbs but take a lighter approach, consume between 50-100 grams of net carbs per day. If you have been advised to consume less carbs due to health concerns, always consult with your GP to get their advice. 

If you’re just starting on your keto journey, why not start with a more liberal amount of net carbs per day and slowly reduce your net carbs until you’re following the ketogenic diet. Pay attention to the net carbs you're having each day and read our beginners' guide to the ketogenic diet to help get you to where you want to be.

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