No Sugar Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

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Our No Sugar Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies are the hottest new performance gummy to hit the market. Using ingredients first, we've cracked the code on making a zero-sugar gummy that uses apple cider vinegar first and promotes your overall health. Each gummy has 600mg of apple cider vinegar, a superfood ingredient whose benefits include reducing cholesterol, lowering blood sugar, and assisting in weight loss.

  • Crafted from natural ingredients
  • 600 mg of apple cider vinegar
  • 60 day supply
  • 0g of Sugar
  • 0 Calories
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO & Gluten-free

Ingredients: Apple cider vinegar powder (apple cider vinegar, maltodextrin [food carrier only]), Resistant dextrin (soluble corn fibre), Resistant dextrin (soluble tapioca fibre), Water, Erythritol, Chicory root fibre (oligofructose), Pectin, Potassium citrate, Natural and artificial sour apple flavour, Citric acid, Sodium citrate, Mineral oil, Salt, Purple carrot juice (colour), Stevia extract, Carnauba wax.

Nutrition Facts: Per 15 pieces (39g): Calories 30| Fat 0g 0%| Carbohydrates 27g| Fibre 16g 57%| Sugars 0g 0%| Sugars alcohols/ Polyalcools 3g| Protein 0g 0%| Cholesterol 0mg| Sodium 60mg 3%| Potassium 200mg 4%| Calcium 10mg 1%| Iron 2mg 11%

Caution: This product is not suitable for children, those who are breastfeeding/pregnant, with sensitivity to any of the ingredients listed on the product, or have any health concerns/issues. Consult with a healthcare practitioner before use. Do not use if the seal is broken or tampered with. Keep away from children.